[IDEA 7531] ClearCase loses track of checked-out file status

In the latest EAP build (7531), when using ClearCase integration, IDEA forgets that files are checked out between each run of IDEA.

I can check out a file from ClearCase in IDEA, and after successful checkout, the filename in the tabs is appropriately colored. But, after I shut down IDEA, restart it, and reload the project, the same file's clearcase status is now "unknown" (brown for me). I have to go and select "Add File" on each checked-out file to correctly show that the status is "checked out". I have tried "Refresh File Status", "Find Project Checkouts" (which never seems to do anything), and neither help.

Is this a known problem? I don't see it mentioned anywhere in the forums.

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Note that as of the latest build I have (7549), this is no longer occurring for me. The cause of this could have been a misconfigured clearcase installation, as well.


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