Kotlin compiled classes not published to CompilerManager listeners


I'm working on my first ever IDEA plugin and for it, I'm registering a CompilationStatusListener in CompilerManager that acts on the reported compiled classes.
This seems to be working just fine for Java projects but I'm noticing that Kotlin compiled classes are not reported to the CompilerManager registered listeners.

Here's the plugin source code: https://github.com/bmsantos/cola-idea-plugin

Here's a simple java example that works just fine: https://github.com/bmsantos/spring-cola-tests
And here's a the kotlin example that apparently does not trigger events to the listener: https://github.com/bmsantos/kotlin-cola-tests
Both projects are loaded as maven projects into IDEA.

Any idea on what could be causing the listener events not to be published when the kotlin project is loaded?

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Ok... this is not a problem! Kotlin works just as great!

Just realized what it was... a configuration issue!

Sorry about it! :|


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