[ANN] OpenInIDEA Plugin version 0.5.2

A new version of the OpenInIDEA plugin has just been released. The changes between this one and version 0.5.1 are:

  • The new version can now handle files of unknown type. Note that these files will register themselves a having type "text/plain", so opening files of many unknown types may flood the "File types" setting with associations to that type.

  • The old version of the plugin created wrong classpath settings in the generated batch files. If you are doing an actual upgrade of the plugin, make sure to delete the OpenInIDEA/etc subdirectory of your plugins directory; otherwise the new (correct) batch files won't be generated.

Additional documentation can be found in the announcement to version 0.5.1 at http://www.intellij.net/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=271001

As always, feedback to the plugin is welcome.

Best regards,

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