How to write code for Android Plugin

The IntelliJ Community Edition source code doesn't seem to include the Android plugin. How do I get the source code for the Android plugin. I want to access the APIs of the Android plugin like AndroidFacet and AndroidUtils in my plugin project. How can I go about doing this? I tried pulling code from and adding it to classpath but no luck so far.
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Edit: The above might be confusing. What i really need is the JARs for the Android plugin so that I can add them to the ClassPath and access stuff  like AndroidFacet, etc.

Thanks in advance,

Nidal R


The jars of the Android plugin are part of the IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition distribution ("plugins/android/lib" under the installation directory). To use them in your plugin, you need to add them to the classpath of the IntelliJ IDEA SDK, and also add this to your plugin.xml:



Thanks, but where do we find source code for Android plugin? It seems to be absent from <idea-src>/plugins directory.


After checking out the source code of IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition, run getPlugins.bat or from the root checkout directory to check out the source code of the Android plugin and the Android SDK base components.


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