Plugin launch classpath settings

Is it possible to customize the classpath to use during plugin application launch under IDEA? I want to write plugin which uses Spring IoC but unfortunatelly context config files (*.xml files) are not visible at classpath during plugin application launch.
The following actions were performed:

  • target *.xml files were added to classpath of plugin module (directory which contains them was market as source)
  • ;
  • it was checked that target *.xml files are located at classes folder where all plugin *.class files are located
  • new URLClassLoader wich points to directory containing target *.xml files was set as a thread context classloader before spring config initialization
  • ]]>
    Unfortunatelly all of this actions don't solve my problem. I need some knowledge about ClassLoader usage by IDEA during plugin application launch from IDE. No such information was found.


    when you plugin will be deployed , it's classpath will contain its own resources (any jars in /lib + any resource in /classes), and, if you declared some dependency on another plugin, you will also be able to see it in your classpath.

    Apart from that, you will see IDEA jars (any jar in IDEA/lib folder), and that's all

    So if you want to be able to see spring classes while executing your plugin you'll need to package them as libraries of your plugin


    No, the questions is not related to plugin usage when it is complete and packed. I want to be able to correctly start my plugin-module from IDEA during development phase.
    So, the problem is that when I start my plugin-module and new instance of IDEA launchs, spring's *.xml can't be found at startup.


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