custom colored tabs, based upon class type

apologies if this plugin already exists.. i did some searching and could not find anything like it.

it would be great to have the tabs for these groups:

- actions/controllers
- forms/commands
- managers
- models
- config xml files
- jsp/other
- etc.

all have customizable, unique (to their group) colors for their tabs in IJ.

way too often i find myself wanting to navigate (using the tabs) to the controller or manager and having to read the tab. Instead, i could just see the green Manager class and not have to read the label on the tab itself.

ok, work done in the controller, now lets deal w/ the jsp... the orange tab.. there it is...

seems the parent class (or file extension for jsp, etc) could be used to det the class type.

i suppose the color coding convention could also extend to the Ctrl N list as well

maybe just my eyes are going but this would be a great plugin/addition to IJ

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