Programatically finding the plugin installed directory


I have my plugin bundle as a zip file. And once I install it I can find the extracted files inside


isuru@isuru-XPS13-9333:~/.IdeaIC14/config/plugins/ctap-idea-plugin$ tree
└── lib
    ├── cglib-nodep-2.2.2.jar
    ├── ctap-idea-plugin.jar
    ├── guava-18.0.jar
    ├── javassist-3.18.2-GA.jar
    ├── junit-4.11.jar
    ├── mockito-all-1.9.5.jar
    ├── mortbay-jetty-runner-8.1.9.jar
    ├── objenesis-2.1.jar
    ├── powermock-mockito-1.5.5-full.jar
    └── testng-6.7.jar

My question is - How to programatically find the plugin install directory ?

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new File(PathManager.getPluginsPath(), "ctap-idea-plugin")


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