Android plugin get android facet returns null


I am trying to add some new functionality to my plugin which should work on IntellijIDEA and AndroidStudio. Now I want to get the manifest file of an Android project and make some updates after that.. the problem is that I can't get the AndroidFacet object of the main module as it allways returned as null. Below is my code:

Module[] modules = ModuleManager.getInstance(ProjectManager.getInstance().getOpenProjects()[0]).getSortedModules(); // get all the opened modules sorted by dependency
Module module = modules[modules.length-1];  // get the first module that is not used by other modules or is used by less than the others..
AndroidFacet facet = AndroidFacet.getInstance(module); // and here the facet object is allways null :(

Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Why the

method returns allways null? 

The opened android project has 4 modules, one is the main and the rest are lib modules. Using the above code I can get the proper module for my case as I could see it's name in debug mode. Also the project's modules are all Android facets..

Any help is much appreciated,
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Please make sure that you've added the Android plugin jars to the classpath of your IntelliJ IDEA SDK and not as a separate library dependency.

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That was it :), thank you very much for your help.

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Hello All,

I'm new in Intellij as a user and as plugin developer. Currently I'm trying to write any (~HelloWorld) plugin for AndroidStudio and I stucked at the begining on the same problem as Catalin. AndroidFacet instance is always null. What I've done is:
1. Adding "...plugin/android" directory from Intellij to classpath of platform SDK (Project structure)
2. Adding "plugins/android/libs" as jar directory in Libraries (Project Structure) - without that such packages like


were not visible.

What I'm doing wrong or what is lacking ? I'll be really appreciate for the answer.

Thank You.

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Please note that the instructions that you're replying to explicitly tell you not to add the jars of the Android plugin as a library dependency. What you need to add to the SDK classpath is the jars from the "plugins/android/lib" subdirectory, not the "plugins/android" directory.

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Right. I was adding whole directory "plugins/android/lib" to classpath instead of jar by jar. My fail. Now, it's working. Thanks.


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