Duplicate bundled template Maven Profiles.xml


I'm developing an IntelliJ plugin that can interact with IntelliJ's maven plugin. The IDE I'm using to develop the plugin (IntelliJ UE 14) includes in its classpath the maven plugin jars (specifically maven.jar and resources_en.jar.) I'm also using the IntelliJ CE 14 SDK as the project's SDK

My plugin's plugin.xml contains the following:


When I run the plugin, I get an error in the console about a duplicate bundled maven profiles template (see attached file.)

I'm not 100% sure how to go about resolving this. I understand the error, but I'm not sure how I can have the plugin execution ignore one of the templates, or whether this is the correct approach to resolving this. I also do not know what the implications of this error are. Some of my plugin's behaviour is incorrect, but I don't know if I can chalk it up to this issue.

Can someone please provide some suggestions on how to proceed?

-- Cam

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You need to add the jars of the Maven plugin to the classpath of your IntelliJ IDEA SDK, not as a separate library.

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That worked!

Thanks Dmitry

-- Cam


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