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I am developing an external build service plugin for IJ14 which uses Buck to build Java and other source files.

I have tried using a mix of the pants build plugin and the clojure plugin for external build service implementation but I am hitting a wall.

I can see from debugging that my build target is being included in the build target scopes but I don't see that my external service is being called.

Does anyone have any advice on what is the most likely cause of this?

My code if you need to clone it is at: https://github.com/dakkad/buck/tree/buck-model

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I think I have found the problem.

In keeping with the external builder packaging I was using jps-plugin directory for the plugin code and buck-jps-plugin for the module name. I had the META-INF/services in the expected place too. The issue was that I had the source code under src inside the module directory. While it was added as a soure root, the module it's self had to have the package with the code in it at the top level of the module.

This could be a bug in IntelliJ. I had a source root but it was ignored and the plugin jar was not created. There was no error or warning that the plugin layout was not correct.


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