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Hi all,
Is there a way to hide "Project SDK is not defined" message?
For example, imagine that you develop java runtime, it means that no need to sutup java SDK for this project.
There are other cases when "SDK is not defined" shouldn't be shown.

It affects only IDEA 13 and IDEA 14. Please note all was fine with IDEA12.
Regards, Vasily

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No, there isn't one. We would expect the percentage of our users using our product to develop a Java runtime to be extremely low, and we aren't aware of any other cases when the message isn't appropriate.

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 My work around, just in case people want to get rid of the warning banner:

* Create a "Python" SDK and set the project to use that 

Since you are work on Java SDK itself, it's unlikely you are going to use IDEA to compile the project any way.  


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