Caret on a new empty line

I'm creating a new method, and adds a code block with an empty line:

final PsiCodeBlock codeBlock = factory.createCodeBlockFromText("{\n\n}", newMethod);
PsiCodeBlock newMethodCodeBlock = PsiTreeUtil.findChildOfType(newMethod, PsiCodeBlock.class);

After adding it to a class, I would like to navigate to the new line, but it doesn't seems to exist in the syntax tree (I have 2 PsiJavaToken for { and } but nothing else, so I can navigate only to one of those).
Would anybody know of a way to navigate to the empty line?

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Figured that it was a complex job... Actually, seems like one way to go is something like adding a ";", navigating to it, selecting it and removing selection.
Also seems like

GenerateMembersUtil.positionCaret(editor, method)

can do the job for you... So I'm writng it here for future reference.


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