[Ann] Structure101 plugin - define, communicate and control sw architecture


The structure101 plug-in for IntelliJ is a free companion to the structure101 client product. The plug-in lets you influence your software architecture as it happens - when the code is edited in IntelliJ.

Architecture diagrams can easily be generated directly from the byte-code using the structure101 client, and then published to a centralized repository, where they can be accessed through our free webapp, or via the IDE by anyone with the IntelliJ plugin.

Structure101 architecture diagrams specify layering and composition in a concise format. The plug-in displays the diagrams within IntelliJ, any violations to the target architecture are shown on the diagrams, and the plug-in lets you navigate to the relevant code. A key feature is that the plug-in can be set to warn only on new code changes that are inconsistent with the architecture. This way developers can grow the code-base towards the target architecture without being constantly swamped with pre-existing violations.

Structure101 for IntelliJ 6 & 7 is now available in beta from http://www.headwaysoftware.com/downloads. Its not yet available via the plugin manager.

All feedback on the beta is very welcome.


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