WebServicePlugin problem

When I try to expose a web service class using the WebServicesPlugin, the plugin makes modifications to the web.xml file that doesn't seem to be correct. The problem seems to be that the listener-class WSServletContextListener, and the servlet-class WSServlet doesn't seem to exist. IntelliJ marks them red and says "cannot resolve class". When I browser through the Java 1.6 api I can't find them either. Am I missing a library? Isn't JAXWS 2.0 integrated in Java SE 6 now, or do I need some other jar-file as well?
I'd really apprechiate your help.
Espen S

com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServletContextListener JAX-WS endpoint WSServlet WSServlet com.sun.xml.ws.transport.http.servlet.WSServlet 1 WSServlet /services/* ]]>


Please, specify path to JWSDP/JaxWS RI/GlassFish in WebService plugin settings and invoke 'enable ...' action again.
JDK 6 contains only client classes for WebServices :)


Thanks for replying.
I'm new to Web Services in Java, so I'm happy for some advice. I've read about Java web sevices and WSDP, and it seems to me that the Java System Application Server Platform is required to deployd these web services. Does this mean I cannot deploy and run them inside other servers, such as Tomcat?


For start you can download JAXWS-2 RI and use it with servlet container you like.
You need Glassfish or other JavaEE application server if you want to have EJBeans as your web service implementation.


Ok. What I did since last post was to download JWSDP 2.0. What is the difference between this and Jaxws-2 RI?

I experienced some proglems with it, it won't compile, it's complaining about the "servlet"-tag in the web.xml. a screenshot is attached. Do you know why this is?

intellij and JWSDP.doc

- Basically, JWSDP 2.0 contains implementation of many web service technologies, including alpha version of Jaxws-2 and stable version of JaxRPC. If you start new project you need only JaxWs-2 RI.
- In JavaEE 5 web.xml schema the order of tags in 'servlet' tag is 'description','display-name', 'servlet-name', you apparently have older web.xml version and so need to change tag order to servlet-name, display-name, description


Thank you very much, I think I'm getting closer to a working solution! I've created a test web service, and it seems to be deployed nicely in my Tomcat server. However, when I try to invoke it (or to view it through a browser), I can't seem to locate it. The path doesn't seem to be correct. As you can see from the attachment, my web.xml file seems to indicate that the "/services"-url should present the service, but I keep getting 404s. But what I don't understand is where this "WSServlet" the web.xml refers to is located. Is this an automatically generated servlet serving as an endpoint to my web service? If that's the case, where is it deployed? I cannot find it in the folder my service class file is deployed.
Your help is invaluable - I hope I'm getting closer for each post! :)
Regards, E.S


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