Plugin installation or startup issue under Android Studio?


We have developed a plugin for Android Studio to support On-device resource localization.
Although based on the download statistics it has already been downloaded almost 300 times, it seems it has been started (successfully) only few times (based on our server-side statistics).

We are trying to figure out what could cause this bad ratio (download vs. startup).
(Based on another discussion there can be an issue with download statistics for Android Studio, that could make the real ratio even worse.)

We have browsed through the discussions that could be relevant however have not yet found any hints that would help us.
We have of course checked and tested our side both the plugin and the server side.

Any idea would be appreciated.

Some questions that we tried to find an answer:

Is there any way to get information if a plugin was not installed successfully or was not started successfully?
Any known/typical issues with plugin development for Android Studio?

Thank you very much in advance.

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Plugin installation is a fairly fail-proof process; it's essentially just unpacking a .zip archive, and it can fail only in rare situations such as not having enough disk space or having incorrect filesystem permissions.

For plugin startup, there is no single location which can succeed or fail. A plugin can provide multiple extensions for different extension points, and they will be loaded on demand as the user accesses the corresponding parts of the IntelliJ IDEA UI.

I'm not aware of any significant differences between IntelliJ IDEA and Android Studio in terms of plugin development and installation.

How exactly do you report plugin startup to your server?

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Thank you very much for the prompt response.

When the plugin starts up it calls a PHP function at our server (to retreive contents for the main plugin window), this PHP function is then calls a Google Analytics trackEvent.
When we test the plugin (on different machines) we always see the related event in Google Analytics right after the plugin has started.


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