Need volunteers to test LibraryFinder plugin v1.2

Hi All,

I need some volunteers to test the latest update of LibraryFinder plugin version 1.2. I have tested this plugin on Windows XP & Ubuntu Linux 6.10 with IntelliJ version 6.0.5 and it works perfectly fine.

I have seen some comments before saying that the IntelliJ locks up while using this plugin. But, I could never ever reproduce that behavior in any of the platforms (Windows, Linux & Mac).

Please update your findings with the platform and IntelliJ version in this forum even if it works. If you find any issues, please log that in

Version 1.2 enhancements:

  • Add multiple library files to IntelliJ classpath(module/project/global)
  • Copy library files classpath to the clipboard with its platform dependent classpath separator
  • Display search results in alphabetical order
  • Command Line Support
    For example:
    java -jar "LibraryFinder.jar" /home/siddique org.apache.*
    • ]]>

    Thanks in advance,


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    Nice plugin. Neat demo from your site. Good luck.


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