How to implement a simple debugger for programming lang

for instance:

# ex.my_ext

a = 1
b = 1
c = 1
"" # set breakpoint on it

I hope implement a debugger to implement following features:

- debugger stop on breakpoint on last line
- watches can see the values of a, b, c

I think other plugin like nodejs plugin or ruby-debug-ide is too complex to understand, my question is: is there more simple example to implement debugger

i aim to implement a debugger for when using

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All debuggers are inherently complicated; I don't think it's possible to build a realistic example which would be very simple. We plan to provide a guide for using the XDebugger API; for now, please see the javadocs of the XDebugProcess class, which is the key class you'll need to implement:

The simplest existing debugger that we have is probably the XSLT debugger:

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I looked into this recently, and found two examples of the XDebugger API which were relatively simple - the AntDebugger plugin and there's one in Jon Akhtar's Lua plugin:


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