Not able to generate a lexer class via Generate JFlex Generator

I was trying the sample code in the below tutorial

I m not able to go ahead with the step 2. I dont fine the option Generate JFlex Generator anywhere. I installed JFlex plugin, still no luck.

(When I created the Simple.flex file before installing the plugin, it show the icon of a text file.
I tried the same thing after installing the plugin and gave it a name Test.flex, this file has a different icon. Attached is the screen shot.)

I m using Intellij 12.0.1

Can you please point out waht i could be mising.

flex file.png
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As described on the Prerequsites page, the plugin you need to install is Grammar-Kit (, not JFlex. Recent versions of the Grammar-Kit plugin require IntelliJ 14, so not all features may be available in earlier versions. Please consider using IntelliJ IDEA Community Edition version 14 for developing your plugin.


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