RubyMine plugin: How to invoke a rake task for specified Rails-environment?


There was similar discussion about invoking rake-tasks using RubyMine API: and provided method was successfully used for a long time. But now I'd like to invoke a rake task for specific Rails environment (dev, test, prod) from RubyMine plugin (basically, set RAILS_ENV environment variable before running the task). I'm not sure it's possible to set env. variables in GemsRunner.runGemsExecutableScript, so could you please advise?

Thank you,

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Hi Basil,

Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a good API to do what you need. You're welcome to file a YouTrack issue (in the RUBY project) asking for one to be added.

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Just an update for this ooold issue :) While I managed to find some workaround for env vars before, now I cannot find any so some env vars api is required. The ticket is here:

Related GitHub issue -

RubyMine team, could you please take a look and tell whether this can be implemented?

Thank you very much!


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