[ANN] FileBrowser 1.3.0


Time for a new FileBrowser update:

  • Fixed Bug: Pressing the DEL key in one of IDEA's Go To popups triggered FileBrowser's delete action.

  • Fixed Bug: Pressing the ENTER key in one of FileBrowser's dialogs made FileBrowser change to the parent folder after closing the dialog.

  • Completely reworked Copy/Move functionality: Select some files and execute the Copy or Move action to bring up a dialog where a destination folder can be chosen. Note: There is also some basic code completion available in the combobox for the destination folder

  • Removed Duplicate action. The Copy action does what Duplicate did and more.

  • Shortcuts for FileBrowser actions now only work when FileBrowser has the focus. So you can reuse shortcuts used for other toolwindows, since FileBrowser's shortcuts are only valid inside FileBrowser.

Known issues:

  • Currently shortcuts aren't shown in the menus and tooltips in FileBrowser.

  • The autocompletion list on the copy/move destination folder combobox doesn't look like IDEA's autocompletion lists and it is displayed at the wrong place

Plans for next update (besides getting rid of the known issues):

  • Go to folder action that allows to quickly change to any folder.

  • Go up action that allows to change to any folder in the ancestor hierarchy in a shorter time.


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