Which plugins do not work with IDEA 7.0 M1a?


I would like to switch from 6.0.5 to 7.0M1a. However, I noticed that among the few plugins I use, at least two of them do not work: Dilbert (yeah, only fun stuff, but I like it), VCS bar (somebody mentioned, that IJ's toolbar customization will do the same, but then I have to find appropriate icons for the buttons, and it is a hassle to look for them in icons.jar, if they exist at all).

What is the experience of other developers with plugins and 7.0M1a?

Kind regards

Thomas Gülden
Munich, Germany

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generate toString() does not work.

I have a beta build that seems to work, but I would like it to be tested a bit more. If anyone want to try a beta out let me know. You can find my mail details at the plugin homepage.

/Claus, author of generate toString()

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v4.0.0 just released that works.

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I can't say I have any problems with any of the plugins I use - even Dilbert works for me :)


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