How to create a new configuration for custom runner

in short: i hope to create runconfiguration to run simple bin/runner with argument

for instance: exist following files:



in terminal i can do:

bin/server start
bin/client lib/a_file

# and then server will run lib/a_file

i hope i can do above thing with openapi like following:

i create a sever runconfiguration
runner: bin/server
start it

i create a client runconfiguration
runner: bin/client
start it with arg lib/a_file

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If all you need to do is run a binary with certain arguments, consider setting up an external tool (Settings | External Tools) instead. This requires no programming and is altogether far less work.

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No, external tool can't fix my question, my key point is debug code in debug session(server side) for detail:
exist following files:

bin/script_lang_server(like a_ruby_server)

...(same with above)

i set a breakpoint in my code
ivk client to ctrl my server load this code, and run it in server
and then, debug session will stop on breakpoint

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Ok, i know what you say, i can run client with external tool and run server with debug session, that's easy, thanks


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