How to verify correct plugin installation manually

Hi there,

I created a basic plugin for internal use at my company. I want to verify that it works by installing manually and restarting IDEA. I am running on MacOSX, but other people will be using Windows and Linux. Where is the default plugin installation location? I tried ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA60 and /Applications/IntelliJ IDEA and neither location seemed to find my plugin.

Also where are the IDEA logs stored on MacOSX? I cannot seem to find them.

Thanks for your help.


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Hi Reggie,

the IDEA_HOME\bin\ file sets a few properties:
1 idea.config.path
2 idea.system.path
3 idea.plugins.path

which by default point to (a subfolder of) USER_HOME

the plugins go into the folder specified by : idea.plugins.path
And the logs are available under a subdir of : idea.system.path

Maybe the support system offers extra info; see (a.o.):!default.jspa?categoryID=5&externalID=181&fromSearchPage=true

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OK I found them. On MacOSX my locally installed plugins are located at ~/Library/Application Support/IntelliJIDEA60/. I unzipped my plugin into this directory. The log file was at ~/Library/Caches/IntelliJIDEA60/log/idea.log. I was able to look at the log and fix the issue with my plugin and things are now working great.



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