HandyTapestry 1.0, Intellij Idea Tapestry plugin

HandyTapestry 1.0 released

If you develop a Tapestry[/url] web application using IntelliJ Idea[/url]
then try HandyTapestry[/url] plugin!

The HandyTapestry plugin for IntelliJ Idea helps you to develop Tapestry web applications faster.
The plugin adds helpful completions and navigations in the HTML template. The Create Tapestry component dialog helps to create components.
The plugin supports Tapestry 4.0
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What's new:
- page specification support
- navigate / complete properties from component specification
- navigate / complete jwcid attribute value (component reference)
- delete component UI enhancements
- settings enhancement

- fix: autocomplete close tag
- fix: completion in the src attribute of the img tag
- highlighting fixes

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HandyTapestry 1.0 released
The plugin supports Tapestry 4.0

Very nice plug-in :).

Any plans to support Tapestry 5.0?
(or other "component" oriented web frameworks?)



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