How to import and run existing plugins from intellij community edition repo?

I'm trying to import and run the IntelliJ git4idea (Git Integration) plugin in order to play around and contribute some of my own code.
I've pulled the Intellij community edition from the github repo, and imported the git4idea plugin as a project. I'm running the Intellij community edition.

My main issue is this:

After importing all the modules, the git4idea module comes up as a general module type, and not a plugin module type.


This means that when trying to create a new run\debug configuration, I get

under "Use classpath of module", instead of of the ability to select the git4idea plugin. This obviously results in a "Run configuration error: no plugin module specified for configuration".


So the question is - How can I change the general type of imported "git4idea" to plugin type?

Or better yet, what are the steps required in order to import and build/debug/run a plugin from the Intellij community edition repo?


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