Why were TestStatusListeners disabled in Pycharm et al?

Hi folks,

I am a Pycharm and CLion user.  I have a blink(1), which is a USB notification light.  I wanted it to light up green after my tests pass, and red when a test failed.  I made an IntelliJ plugin to do this, using TestStatusListener.  It works great in IntelliJ, but I found it doesn't work in Pycharm.  I have tracked it down to the TestStatusListener not ever being called, and when I looked further, I found this commit from about 1 year ago:


It is a 2 line commit that removes the TestStatusListeners from being called in SMTRunnerNotificationsHandler.java, with the commit message of "disable test listener for non-java frameworks for a while".

Any idea why this was done?  Is there an alternate extension point I can use?  I have looked through the SMTRunner stuff and do not see any places I can attach a plugin to.

Thank you for your help!

Adam Wolf

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