More problems with custom repositories

I'm also trying to get custom repositories working, I distribute my plugin via a custom repo. For the latest release which adds support for IntelliJ 14, I've been trying to get the new repository format to work but it's been very difficult. My plugin repo descriptor is at

I can't get IntelliJ 13.1 to update the plugin. That repository descriptor describes version 0.1.41, I have 0.1.40 installed:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.08.09 PM.png

Browsing the repository shows the correct details:

Screen Shot 2014-10-24 at 5.09.26 PM.png
However the repository manager immediately shows "Restart IntelliJ IDEA", and I can't download the plugin - there's no option to do so in the context menu nor anywhere else I can find. IntelliJ seems to think it's already downloaded and installed it, but if I restart I stil have 0.1.40. There is nothing of interest in the log.

Any help greatly appreciated!



I know this is not the answer you are looking for but this works in IDEA 14 EAP.
So I think that you won't have any luck soon with IDEA 13.1 as 14 is almost out of the gate.
Hope this helps a tiny bit.

Kind regards.


Yeah, that's what I figured - it works in v14 for me too. It's a bummer though, since without this support I need to continue using one old-format repository per IntelliJ version, and people have to know to update their repository when they upgrade IntelliJ. It's unfortunate.

Thanks for the comment though!



At least IDEA 14 sends the version as a query string so maybe you can just do some workaround based on that.


Unfortunately I don't have a dynamic back-end on my server, it's just static files.


Hi there.

For IDEA 14 I've realized something very interesting while developing the service for other plugin authors to use for custom release channels.
It looks like if you have your "<id />" field containing the same plugin id that it contains under the oficial repository from JetBrains then it won't appear in the list of plugins as it's overwritten by the one in the official repository. As soon as you slightly change that field to say something like: <id /> + .beta then it works and the plugin is now displayed properly.
You can also keep the extended XML structure for it: for us it looks like that (notice the .alpha at the end of the <id />)

Hope this helps.


Thanks Florian. That's not my problem unfortunately since my plugin isn't available in the main plugin repo - I use a custom repository as my main means of distribution.


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