Plugin development document is oudated!

Hi JetBrains,
I'm really love JetBrains IDEs, I want develop plugin to make me more productive and I can contribute this plugin for community. But when I start to learn how to develop a plugin, I can not find ducuments which I need, almost them was outdated. For instance, I want develop an plugin provide code complete for I18n, I found this document ( but IDEA show me an error that it can not find com.simpleplugin.psi.SimpleTypes package.
Beside that, I realize your company documents are too difficult for me and people who start plugin development. Please provice more detail document for plugin development.
Thanks and best regards,
Duc Nguyen

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Some documentation may sometimes be outdated, but this particular document is not. The article that you have linked to is in the middle of a longer plugin development tutorial. The SimpleTypes class is defined during one of the previous steps, here:


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