Plugin usage statistics

I want to take anonymous usage statistics from users who use my plugin.

For instance I want to take:
- Feedback about errors;
- Feedback about general plugin usage

Obviously this would happen only for users that give the consent

My question is:

Can I do this or there are problems with JetBrains T&C?

Thank you,

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There is already a facility to report errors. You can implement the error reporter in your plugin

For example:

<errorHandler implementation="com.sylvanaar.idea.errorreporting.YouTrackBugReporter"/>

I can't answer about usage statistics. I never read anything about any restrictions. Though, that is probably because noone has really abused the priveledge to make it an issue.

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Hi Jon,
thank you for your answer and for the suggestion.:)

Meanwhile I've not found anything against on the  JB T&C.


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