[ANN] Accessors Plugin 0.9.1 released

I have just released a first beta version of the Accessors Plugin. This plugin is supposedoffer intention actions for replacing references (both legal and illegal) to the fields of a class by appropriate setter or getter methods.

Example: Consider the following two classes:

IDEA will highlight the two illegal references to Foo's private bar member. The Accessors plugin will offer to replace these references with a setter or getter method call, respectively. Invoking these two intention actions will turn the second class into the following:

The plugin has been developed and tested with Irida (IDEA version 5.1) because I do not have a Demetra license. Could anybody please check whether the plugin runs (and behaves as intended) with Demetra?


P.S.: Unfortunately, the plugin does not run with Selena at the moment, but I'll be working on it.

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