Compile/Build time plugin?

Is there, or does anyone with more time on their hands than I do feel like writing, a compile/build time counter plugin?

I want to see how many minutes per day I spend waiting for builds or compiles.

The plugin should simply start ticking whenever I start compiling something or start an ant/maven build, and should stop ticking when the compile/build is finished.

It could break the counting down into separate modules or builds or whatever. Oh, and another useful counter it could have is to measure the time spent in unit tests.

...what I really want is of course to encourage my boss to buy me a faster computer... ;)


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You do know you can compile/build in a background process, right?

(Any boss who doesn't understand that faster processors increase developer productivity/morale isn't worth working for. Dev boxes should always max out processor and memory, even at the cost of disk and display.)

--Dave Griffith

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Yep, I know... But coding is painfully slow while a build/compile is running. Too slow to be very useful, unfortunately. On my machine, anyway. :)


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