Where can I store custom plugin's files?

I wanna implement following plugin:

1. User can create virtual file with any name/dimension (IDEA should use correct editor by file dimension)
2. It should be saved somewhere
3. User can open this file later

My main question: what's the best place to save created file? It's common for all projects, user shouldn't be able to manually change/remove it (only by using my plugin)


AFAIK the only way to literally stop someone from "using" your file is to make it read only with OS permissions  they don't have. You're not able to do that, so the best thing is to put it in a named folder and explain in documentation that nothingin the named folder should be altered. HTH.


Take a look on https://github.com/dkandalov/scratch
It create files in .IntelliJIdea12\config\plugins\scratches


Thank you! it really helped me


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