How the breakpoint debug work in the IDEA?

We had developed a java agent called HotCode like JRebel and I try to write a plugin to run Servers with the this java agent . and it works . (
but I found that the breakpoint don't work because that we change the class file with asm in HotCode, so the debugger vertify fail and breakpoint will not work.
Any suggestion?  I found some infomation about it, like

DebuggerManagerEx.getInstance(project).addBreakPointManagerListener#breakpointsChanged() events to listen to added/removed events. ? does it work?

and should i create a line map for the source and the changed classes?

and how can i do for don't debug into the HotCode Agent Proxy Code?

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should I create my PositionManager  for plugin?  Where can i find an example?


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