Maven Reloaded 0.7 released

The 0.7 version of the Maven Reloaded plugin has been released. This version incorporates many bug fixes and new features. If anyone has a problem or feature request, please use the project issue tracker and mailing list to let me know.

- Fixed problems with committing the module that caused changes to not be seen after running the plugin. This was manifested as wrong classpaths and some libraries not being exported, etc...
- Fixed NPE in invalid POM
- Turned off plugin for new project creation
- Uses the embedder to resolve dependencies, so version ranges and other scoped dpendencies should be handled correctly

- Can optionally now download and attach javadoc to dependencies
- Can optionally sort classpath entries
- Plugin params stored in the .ipr file are sorted
- Can optionally remove duplicate dependencies from classpath


- Bryan

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Version 0.7.1 has been released - it fixes a bug introduced in 0.7 (#18) and closes an outstanding issue (#17). Special thanks to Tobias for finding and fixing bug #18.

- Bryan

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Version 0.7.2 is out with fixes for issues #19 and #20.

- Bryan


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