GWTStudio build problem


I am creating sample GWT module inside my newly created web module in IDEA 6.0.2 on Mac OS X. (GWT 1.2.22 installed correctly). And I am able to run it with IDEA GTW run configuration just fine.

Although when I build a war file from my project it yells that ~/Library/Caches/IDEA60/gwt/compile/www/CategoryManager is not found - I found that it's an issue in IDEA fixed in 6.0.3 and work around is to create the folder manually - so did I. And now it builds just fine, although I don't see any results of GWT compilation inside my war file. It looks like IDEA ignores GWT nature of my classes so I am getting a war file without any resources and with a couple class files inside of WEB-INF/classes.

Any ideas are highly appreciated.
-- S.R.

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