[ANN] IdeaVIM 0.11.4-5x

I just released another update to the Vim plugin for IDEA 5.x and 6.x.

Bug Fixes
- Numerous keystrokes didn't work when IdeaVIM was installed but turned off. This included various Shift, Ctrl, and Shift-Ctrl combinations of left, right, up, down, end, home, page-up, and page-down. (Requires updated Vim.xml keymap).
- :set and :dig once again display their results in the "more" window.
- / and ? once again properly save current cursor location in ' mark. (Broken in 0.11.2).
- Fix possible failed assertion errors when removing a document listener.
- Update marks when "putting" text.

- Improved search speed.
- Fixed a few small memory leaks.

New Features
- Support for Ctrl-^ to switch to the previous file (like :e #). (Requires updated Vim.xml keymap).
- Added support for (, ), g(, g), '(, '), `(, `).
- Added support for }, ), [[, [], ][, ]].
- Added support for a<, a>, i<, i>.
- Added support for a(, a), ab, i(, i), ib.
- Added support for a[, a], i[, i].
- Added support for a{, a}, aB, i{, i}, iB.
- Added support for ap, ip.
- Added support for as, is.
- Added support for [m, m, ]M in Java files only.


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