CVS synchronize view like Eclipse?


I'm quite new to Idea. Before I used Eclipse and I'm really missing the "CVS synchronize view" I had in Eclipse. Is there any way, maybe a plugin for Idea that does a similar job?
I need the following:

1. See all edited/added/deleted/incoming/outgoing files in a tree view
2. See changes of incoming/outgoing files in the same window when I click on any file
3. Commit several files with different comments without closing the cvs view (Control-K closes the window after each commit as I found out). I know there are "Change lists", but for me this seems complicated.
4. Select previous cvs comments so that I don't need to type in again common or minor changed comments

Is there any way to do this with Idea? Maybe a plugin?

I'm really satisfied with Idea, except the complicated way Idea handles cvs. Maybe this is why I'm familiar with the Eclipse way of handling this. Maybe...

I hope someone can help me to improve my cvs usage.



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Most of what you're asking for already exists in IntelliJ but what will get closest to an eclipse synchronize view is TMate. It works fine but the project appears dead in the sense that I haven't seen them update it in a good while and support is non-existant. TMate is also not free (although it should be since it's a dead project at this point).

My experience is just the opposite of yours. I am an IntelliJ guy who is now stuck using Eclipse and I hate the Synchronize view. Of course, I hate all the modal view bullshit that Eclipse pushes on its users.


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