Suggestion: make openapi source jars available

According to the main entry point for getting started ( the recommendation is to checkout the intellij-community source git repo to get the sources for the open api. However, this repo is enormous! I gave up on the git checkout and just went for a snapshot zip which itself was nearly 400MB. I'm sure a lot of this size is from the included dependency jars and tons of other things not needed for reading the openapi source.

Ideally, we could just have source jars for each released version which would be much quicker to download, and easier to find the version you need.

If they actually are available somewhere, I guess my google-fu isn't strong enough. The best I could find was the source jar from version 7 on maven here:

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This would make sense if there was a clear distinction: OpenAPI is what you need for plugin development, the rest is what you don't need. Unfortunately such distinction does not exist. Many classes from idea.jar are necessary for creating many different types of plugins, and the open-source plugins from the Community Edition source code provide important samples for using the API.

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Thanks for the response. I guess that makes sense, it would at least be nice to not pull down 100s of MB of dependencies.

Just some quick and dirty bash estimates of the file sizes...

$ find . -name '*.zip' -o -name '*.jar'| xargs du -ch
272M     total

vs source only...

find . -name '*.java' | xargs du -ch
11M     total

I suppose this is one of those things that's a pain once, and then never again.


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