gwt and struts Web module

Is there a way to add GWT support to an existing Web module that uses struts?

I'm trying to merge the ImageViewer sample app (which I got working in a separate project and GWT module) into my struts app.

1. I placed my ImageViewer.gwt.xml doc into my src and my client and server folders under src.

2. I added this to my web.xml, but not sure if it's correct.
ImageService server.ImageServiceImpl ImageService /ImageService 3. I added the gwt jars to my module. 4. I modified my ImageView.gwt.xml to look like this: ]]>

IDEA does try to compile the GWT module after it compiles my other source. I get this error:

Error:C:\Documents and Settings\Michael\.IntelliJIdea60\system\gwt\GJWeb.5a4e24b1\compile\www\ImageViewer (The system cannot find the file specified)

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This was an IDEA bug. I think it's fixed in 6.0.3. Workaround is to create the directory manually.


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