[ANN] Lineage 2.2

Bug fix update. Reporting exceptions is now much easier because of Etienne Studer's PluginErrorReporter.


- Integrated Etienne Studer's PluginErrorReporter so exceptions can be reported from within IntelliJ IDEA
- Show a warning when Creating an inner class from usage which will not be visible from the usage (e.g. When creating a private inner class in another class than the reference)
- Extend class or interface from the Class Hierarchy tool window (originally a feature request for IntelliJ IDEA by Robert Gibson which was too good to ignore;-)
- All reported bugs fixed and several others too.

Release notes: http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/secure/ReleaseNote.jspa?version=10970&styleName=Html&projectId=10203&Create=Create


Create Inner Class from Usage:
Like IntelliJ IDEA's Create Class from Usage, this intention allows you to create an inner class by first referencing it and then creating it from the reference by intention.

Easy subclassing:
Position the cursor on the class or reference to a class you want to subclass and press Alt+Enter. An "Extend Class" intention appears, which when invoked, allows you to specify name, visibility (default: public) and destination package (default: the package from which you invoked it). All fields and buttons are accessible via the keyboard for the highest efficiency.

Easy subclassing with an inner class:
Creating an inner subclass of another class is just as easy as creating a regular subclass. Press Alt+Enter on a class or reference to a class and invoke "Extend Class with Inner Class". The Extend Class dialog now allows you to specify a destination class (using IDEA's familiar Class Chooser dialog) and if the created class should be declared "static".

Implementing an interface from a reference to an interface:
By default IntelliJ IDEA only lets you implement an interface from the interface itself. With this intention you can implement an interface from where you are using it. This is usually much closer to the place you are currently editing. Naturally you can also implement an interface with an inner class.

Highlight Usages in File for "import":
Invoking highlight usages (default CtrlShiftF7) on the "import" or "import static" keywords, will highlight all references to the class imported in the open file. When the import statement is an "on demand" import, a chooser will first popup, allowing you to choose which class to highlight or to highlight all imported classes.

Highlight Usages in File for "extends" and "implements":
Easily highlight all implementing or overriding methods in the file by invoking Highlight Usages in File on an "extends" or "implements" keyword. If necessary a chooser will pop up where you can specify from which class you want the implementing/overriding members highlighted

This plugin is compatible with IntelliJ IDEA 6.0 and can be found in the Available list of IntelliJ IDEA's Plugin dialog (in the Settings). Alternatively it can be downloaded from: http://plugins.intellij.net/plugin/?id=104

Bugs and feature requests may be reported in this forum or in JIRA:

Documentation and screen shots can be found here:

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