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Hi all,
Many workmates use eclipse, and their main fear is to re-create all them eclipse projects in IDEA.
When will be available an eclipse-project-migration plugin???

Also, one functionallity that idea hasn't is multiproject support in one window... let me explain: they have in one VCS repository 5 projects, and eclipse let them to open 2 or more in the same window, and also create dependencies between projects.
Its very usefull when you are viewing the source of the api or jar files, and when you are improve it.
Rigth now, IDEA only has multimodule but it isn't as powerfull


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Hi Sergio,


I was thinking about suggesting such a plugin that would allow to maintain iml files in synch with eclipse .project and .classpath.


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there is a plugin able to update your IDEA modules classpath based on eclipse files.
It's not perfect, but as far as I remember it handles well the cas where the projects are stored INSIDE the workspace directory.

It can also be used to update existing modules (explicitly).

THe name of the plugin is Eclipse Workspace Importer you should give it a try

ps : just checked and according to release notes :
New in this build (11 Oct 2006)
Eclipse projects located outside the workspace can be imported as well
BugfixesEclipse projects located outside the workspace can be imported as well

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we have published on the site two new how-tos concerning migration projects from Eclipse to IDEA. For more details see


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jsut tried it out, seems there's a usability problem on that page :
Using firefox, if you middle-click on the howto items it opens the Nullable How-To (in fact seems to go on the same howto for every item ).

Works fine if you just left click on the link though


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