Attaching a debugger using a custom run configuration

I'm launching a external process through my RunConfiguration, that external process calls java(which I can configure to run it as a remote jvm so that someone can attach to debugging). So I was just wondering if there is a way to attach intellij's debugger to that remote java process, so that I can step through my code. Currenly the 'Remote run configuration' can do this, but I want to extend that feature to my run configuration. Any help?


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Hi, try using "Before launch" action in the configuration, this way you can for example run any other configuration before launch

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Hi Egor, could you tell me how I can do this programatically?

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I'm not sure public API is available for that, try having a look at com.intellij.execution.BeforeRunTask

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Check com.intellij.debugger.impl.GenericDebuggerRunner.

U need override two methods

public boolean canRun(@NotNull String executorId, @NotNull RunProfile profile)

- check for yr configuration instance


protected RunContentDescriptor createContentDescriptor(Project project, RunProfileState state, RunContentDescriptor contentToReuse, ExecutionEnvironment env) throws ExecutionException

attaching debugger to vm, with method attachVirtualMachine

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Thanks for the reply Valeriy, But that would mean I'm just attaching the debugger to a port without launching the java process. But I want to launch a java process before that and redirect the ouput to the intellij console view.

public class MyTestRunner extends GenericDebuggerRunner {
    public String getRunnerId() {
        return "MyApplicationRunner";

    public boolean canRun(@NotNull String executorId, @NotNull RunProfile profile) {
        return profile instanceof MyRunConfiguration;

    protected RunContentDescriptor createContentDescriptor(Project project, RunProfileState runProfileState, RunContentDescriptor runContentDescriptor, ExecutionEnvironment executionEnvironment) throws ExecutionException {
        RemoteConnection connection = new RemoteConnection(true, "", "50005", true);
        return attachVirtualMachine(project, runProfileState, runContentDescriptor, executionEnvironment, connection, true);


I previously overriden the doExecute to execute my commandLineState and redirect the output to console.

    protected RunContentDescriptor doExecute(Project project, RunProfileState state, RunContentDescriptor contentToReuse, ExecutionEnvironment env) throws ExecutionException {

        ExecutionResult executionResult = state.execute(env.getExecutor(), this);
        if (executionResult == null) {
            return null;

        final RunContentBuilder contentBuilder = new RunContentBuilder(this, executionResult, env);
        return contentBuilder.showRunContent(contentToReuse);

This is how I was invoking the java process and now I can't do this since createContentDescriptor() returns RunContentDescriptor from the GenericDebuggerRunner's doExecute().

I bascially have to chain two run configurations. But not able to figure out how

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In RunConfiguration u need implement method


and return for example com.intellij.execution.configurations.CommandLineState

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I have overriden my getState in the Runconfiguration to return a new CommandLineState which returns a ColoredProcessHandler.
I think I didn't quite clearly explain my situation.

When I press the debug button, MyTestRunner get's invoked
I now have to launch a java process with redirected output to intellij console, which I have done by overriding doExecute
but I also want to attach a debugger just after launching the java process.

So basically I want to do two things, one that runs the command line and one that attaches debugger to vm


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