How to find MXML/ActionScript classes in plugin

I'm developing simple plugin, which uses line markers and jumps to Flex classes.
I have problem how to find class element for action script/flex classes, than i can set as targets in line marker.

Unfortunatelly PsiShortNamesCache does not contain flex/action script classes.
Is there any way to find flex/action script classes (is should be, intellij idea ide finds them in Navigate to class (Ctrl+N) ).

Michal Sztandera

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Unfortunately Flex related API is not open source and you'll have to ask us each time when you need to find any Flex specific class/method name. First of all you have to add all JAR files from [IDE installation]/plugins/JavaScriptLanguage/lib/ and from [IDE installation]/plugins/flex/lib/ to the Plugin SDK classpath.
Your method is:
com.intellij.javascript.flex.resolve.ActionScriptClassResolver#findClassByQNameStatic("", contextPsiElement)

contextPsiElement is used to calculate search scope, so usually it should be from the same module where you search for class or from dependent module.


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