[ANN] IdeaVIM 0.11.1-5x

Announcing an updated version of the IdeaVIM plugin. This new version works with IDEA 5.x and 6.x. Changes include:

New Features
- Implemented Vim help. The :help command can be used to bring up help on any Vim command. The argument to :help must be a specific tag found in the help system. None of the Vim wildcarding is supported. There is a focus issue with IDEA 6.x. After the help window is displayed it immediately gets buried under the main IDEA frame. This isn't an issue with 5.x. Nothing I tried could fix this with 6.x :(

Bug Fixes
- Avoid AssertionError with DocumentListeners.
- n, N, #, , g#, and g now properly work as arguments to the d and c commands.
- Better handle invalid ex command ranges.
- Fixed !! and :!, and :!! commands.
- Escape works again while entering an ex command.

- :edit now supports opening files outside of project roots. Can use ~ for home directory.

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