Intellij Idea 138.1638 source snapshot build failure


I have downloaded the 138.1638 source snapshot of intellij idea from github.

I use Intellij IDEA  13.1.2 IDE with jdk1.6.0_45 x64 to build it IntelliJ from source.

And followed the instructions found at "Building and Running from the IDE" section of following url.

I followed the specific instructions but when I make the project I encounter following error in my IDE message console.


Error:(430, 36) java: C:\Users\Isuru\foss\intellij-community-idea-138.1638\java\compiler\javac2\src\com\intellij\ant\ incompatible types
found   : com.intellij.compiler.instrumentation.InstrumenterClassWriter

Error:(432, 47) java: C:\Users\Isuru\foss\intellij-community-idea-138.1638\java\compiler\javac2\src\com\intellij\ant\ processClassFile(org.jetbrains.asm4.ClassReader,org.jetbrains.asm4.ClassVisitor) in com.intellij.compiler.notNullVerification.NotNullVerifyingInstrumenter cannot be applied to (,

Kindly request to assist on this.

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I haven't built that snapshot, but snapshots often fail to build for one reason or another in my experience.

It matters how you build, whether you are doing ant build.xml or doing build->make. In the first instance, you'll get a failed build if you've installed community at the end of a path which contains blank spaces in its name (see my earlier post).

If that's not the issue, then you may just have a snapshot that doesn't build. Grab the one that is linked to on the "how to build" page. That one has always built for me.


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