Get ClassPath Information in Project Window

Hi everyone, I was trying to get classpath information in text editor and now I need same information in project window.


When I click, I need to get classpath of these file(In this, example, selected file is CreateLog)

When I do same process in text editor, I use

Editor editor = PlatformDataKeys.EDITOR.getData(e.getDataContext());

but I guess, I need different method now and I don't have a clue.

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Can You post an example of what You are trying to achieve (with expected result)? I'm not sure what do You wan't to receive - classes imported by given file/class?

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Thanks for reply, I solved it. I want to get the classpath of clicked file, for example:c

User clicked class and right click and "Create Log",  then I need to get "c/a/"


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