Hibero newbie (help required please!)

Hello all,

I'm new to Hibero (and IDEA for that matter) and am evaluating it (Hibero) for use on a medium scale project that i am working on for next year.

I haven't used Java since v1.1 and so am a little lost on all the new stuff that seems to have appeared and this kind of thing sounds great to me (an object layer in between my code and the database, etc - i'll get on to unit testing one day ;) )

I finally have it all sort of working now but i could really do with a Hibero-based "intro to" quick-start example as the many others i've found (on hibernate.org etc) all seems to use lots of other bits i don't understand (and i think shouldn't need if i understand Hibero properly).

The main thing i can't seem to get my head round is what order to do everything. I've made a good number of my tables and relationships (in MySQL 5.1) and i now seem to be duplicating a lot of the work i've already done - should i have made the hbm files first? And do i have to make all the class files too? (as it seems) Or am i missing the "convert your schema into all the hbm and class files and stuff" button - it should be possible, surely? I think it's called "reverse engineering".

Hoping someone can point me in the right direction,


(p.s. i have been over the few pages at betosoftware.com/hibero/doc/ many times)

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Jonny Bradley hoping for assistance :)

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Hi Jonny,

Sorry for the late response, as explained in the email we've just sent to you we didn't read your post because the NNTP<->Web synchronization issue.

Please contact us at support@betosoftware.com and we'll be glad to help you out with all your questions wrt Hibero.


-The Hibero Team


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