Breakpoints JBoss 4.0.3 IDEA 6.0.1 Ant built not working


I have a main module, and have set up a web module with JBoss plugin and enabled 'call ant target before running' which calls an ant script to generate an unpacked ear directory with prebuilt ejb-jar file. I can set a breakpoint in the EJB source (it goes red), but when I start up JBoss it does not turn to red + tick to show that it is enabled.

I don't know if I have to add in the source directory somewhere? or whether JBoss EJB breakpoints / with the plugin is not working with latest build 5784?

I noticed Martin Fuhrer fixed a bug a few days ago todo with hitting breakpoints with latest IDEA and JBoss plugin, has this fix been released?




Hi Ben,

The bug which has been fixed recently was that breakpoints in JSP pages didn't work when the web module containing them was deployed as part of an application module. I don't think that this is related to your problem.

Most probably you're suffering from the problem that IDEA doesn't recognize your EJB sources as being the sources for the classes in the ear directory. So yes, you have to tell IDEA about those sources in some way.

Why don't you create a EJB module containing all those sources and use IDEA build mechanism to create the unpacked ear directory?



Hi Martin,

It is a shame IDEA cannot just autodetect my sources, when I create my web module IDEA auto-detects the base dirs of all the relevant src folders...

I will have another go at getting IDEA to build the modules, but I have tried this already and unfortunately my inherited codebase has cyclic dependencies so I do not have a clean separation of modules.




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