Grammar-Kit generating parser with missing symbols enter_section_, exit_section_c, etc.

Many months ago I was working on a language support plug-in for IDEA using Grammar-Kit.  Things were working well and I got busy with other stuff.  Today I returned to that project, update IDEA CE and Grammar-Kit to the latest versions, and while my tokenizer was generated properly, but parser now generates invalid Java.  In particular the parser class (PsiParser implementation) has calls to enter_section_, exit_section_, current_position_, _COLLAPSE_, _NONE_, etc.  I imagine I'm missing something key in my *.bnf file, but I've been away from this so long that I can't seem to figure it out.  Anyone have a lead?  Thanks in advance!


Please update GeneratedParserUtilBase class if you have a copy of it in your sources.

Or switch to the version provided by IntelliJ platform: com.intellij.lang.parser.GeneratedParserUtilBase.


I did the latter and it seems to have worked.  Thank you very much!


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