How to register LocalQuickFix with ExternalAnnotator?

I'm trying to convert my inspection to use an ExternalAnnotator because I understood it fits better an external tool, how exactly I don't know.
I'm having trouble converting my local quick fixes. the registerFix has one signature that accept LocalQuickFix, but requires also a ProblemDescriptor, which sadly I don't have.

  public void registerFix(@NotNull LocalQuickFix fix, @Nullable TextRange range, @Nullable HighlightDisplayKey key,
                          @NotNull ProblemDescriptor problemDescriptor)

Any clues on how to solve it will be appreciated.

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Why not use

public void registerFix(@NotNull IntentionAction fix);

Just implement your fix as an IntentionAction.

Perhaps you can get some inspiration on how to use an external annotator for inspections.

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Thanks for the reply.
I have, but it doesn't show in the anaylize code panel, only in the editor.

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They will show if you use inspection approach (see PyPep8Inspection example linked above)


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